Sword of the People

Emori's Left-Hand Sword

weapon (melee)

Sword distributes bad things done to the wielder across all the denizens of the City of Flowers, provided this effect is unknown to any living person within the sword’s immediate perception. The effects of the sword on denizens not in its immediate area is accomplished by a shoring up of mist associated with the bad which then inflict slow curses upon those the wielder comes across. The sword also heals itself with the blood of the wielder, and heals the wielders mental ailments. It contains a good amount of solid mist integrated into the body of the blade, which renders it immune to direct magical effects as well as allowing it to push through matter as if it were spirit (like the angel in that one story) It’s finely crafted nature also grants +12 to swordplay. It contains a stealthed fail-safe program from Amanda (96 Evocation 84 Divination 42 Transmutation).

Medium Artifact Level


Emori’s Left-hand sword, a flat-grey scimitar with rose-pink detailing. Presented to her on behalf of the People by Amanda, forged from broken chains by the Spider-Queen in aeons past.

Sword of the People

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