Ex-Shadowrunner turned God-Hero



72 Transmutation
54 Counterspell
48 Healing
60 Evocation
60 Divination
30 Teleportation
12 Programming
54 Ks:Magic
18 Ks:Mist
12 Meditation
42 Willpower

18 Prince of Persia
24 Running
6 Strength
6 Endurance
24 Perception
30 Swordfighting
24 Dodge
24 Stealth
12 Jumping

12 Painting
18 Drawing
24 Ks:Shadowrunning
6 Ks:America
12 Ks:Technology
18 Sense Motive


Born to Shadowrunners in America, Salvador grew up on the darker side of the ‘Invincible City’. From early childhood his deep-seated fear of the Mist led him to train himself in magic until he could keep it off of him, a feat then believed impossible. In his adolescent years, he took up shadowrunning in his parent’s footsteps, his magical expertise and reliability making him a valuable asset to those interested in runs on the outskirts of the city, though his more than decent physical skillset meant he could pull runs further in the city as well. Because of his parent’s connections, he became a regular for a fixer by the name of Jim relatively early in his career. His life changed rather drastically when the American government hired him on with 12 soldiers and a tech specialist to investigate a frontier military compound captured or destroyed in what was presumed to be a surprise attack by enemy forces. Though the team intended to gain access to the data core housed on floor 7 and remove it for analysis, neither the government nor the team knew that the facility had been hit by an experimental weapon developed by Mist-Worshippers to destroy cities by bombarding them with extremely large amounts of mutagenic Mist, nor that this mist had then been infected by something dark and hateful of life, something the Mist-Worshippers had not expected and had barely escaped from themselves. Upon correctly identifying the situation as to dangerous to deal with after a soldier was killed in an ambush of 3 claw-things and he and another soldier were badly wounded, Salvador resolved that the night should be spent in the complex’s control room, which had by then been fortified as a base of operations, due to a misunderstanding of the nature of the Mist. The group barely survived the night, losing two sentry turret, almost all their ammunition, but thankfully no more lives (though everyone but the techie was wounded, and two soldiers were incapacitated by mutations) The sergeant ordered a RTB at dawn and Salvador bagged the 4 corpses after halting the transformation into a claw-thing of the fallen soldier. He prepared a report on the creatures and what information he had gained from exploration and divination for the sergeant, who collected information from the techie, as well as the control room’s computer drives, and prepared for debriefing by the government. Shortly after returning and collecting his money, Salvador recieved a call from a government agency requesting his presence. After Jim investigated the call and ascertained that the agency’s purpose was to hire Salvador on as a government agent, Salvador agreed to go (as opposed to fleeing the country). He was hired as a Corporal, a rank of the American military used to secretly mark specialists. He was then assigned to investigate a Dwarven outpost near the emplacement believed to have been involved in the attacks, a mission which went over without incident when Salvador successfully determined the Dwarves’ innocence and intent (reconnaissance and espionage) and then scared them off, though some important new contacts were made, before being ordered back to the complex to extract the core.

Married Emori after evacuation of the third city calmed down. Celebration extended through the whole city for one week and lingered for another. Kiorita and Ausimori finally accepted as nisomane.

With the Spider Queen’s reluctant help, the remaining spires were located and an all out surprise attack prepared. Salvador joined the task force destined for modern-day Brazil, home of the Dragons, but ended up usurping command from the Templar coordinator he perceived as incompetent only to find out that the task force lack any orders or commander. Shortly it was revealed that this was because the force had been joined at the last minute by a Feykin, who had insisted upon massive changes to the prepared plans, but whose gambit to singlehandedly take down the entire city proved successful. Shortly after the operation, a massive surprise counter-attack hit every Templar outpost in existence simultaneously, though Amanda nullified the portion of the attack directed at the newly dubbed ‘City of Flowers’, more than halfway finished with construction. Captured soldiers were recognized to be drones and thus deemed useless for the purposes of gathering information. After the attack the City of Flowers found itself the largest Templar city in existence, both the Seat of the High Council and the Metropolitica Romana suffering greatly in the attacks.

Investigation of the ruins proceeded for several years, interspersed by the happy events of ‘normal’ life in the City of Flowers. Salvador’s children are forbidden to learn healing magic, an edict which quickly spreads through the city’s schools and becomes almost universally enacted over the course of a year.

Discovery of the Undercity in the [The Uncursed Ruins | ruins of the original city] spurred a third search of all the cities. An aging Salvador resumed his work with his Nisomane at his side, heading to the upside-down volcano city. Everyone nearly died, lots of people actually die. Salvador goes a little crazier. Not-actually-a-drone girl met.

teleportation method of rescue discovered

Italian fiasco leads to Salvador possessed by the mist, forced to do horrible things to people. Eventually convinces Mist to attack America on the grounds that America poses a threat to it. Convinces the Mist to allow him to enter America to prepare a way for it. Forcefields purge Mist from Salvador’s system, Salvador calls Jim, tells him to come over outside America and bring everybody else important too. Jim figures something else is going on and sends a cruise missile strike instead. The Spider Queen’s Plan comes to fruition and she has Salvador brought to an underground bunker while she ambushes the Mist oustide America, killing it with the help of American technology and a missile strike. Only a faded echo of the evil remains.

The faded echo has its revenge and successfully regains nearly all of its power when Salvador makes the wrong choice. Ausimori sacrifices herself to save the world and her master, killing the evil’s mind and soul forever, though it’s corrupting touch and lingering horror would still be felt for a millennium.

Salvador moves his house to the ‘Mental Ward’, which is slowly transforming into the ki’kiorin. Recieves a message from the ‘real’ Sassorisan, but loses the ensuing game. Receives a golden lightning bolt medallion as a consolation prize. Recieves a gift from the Spider Queen and takes it according to her directions, not the way he thought was best, thus resolidifying himself in his identity as Salvador and not Sassorisan. Renews efforts to discourage people from calling him Sassorisan.

Becomes more and more isolated into the Ki’kiorin as he lives out eternity, spending his days with his huge family, playing with his children, spending time with his wife and close friends, and researching magical theory beyond mortal comprehension. He is insane by his own admission and believes himself to be possibly “as crazy as Geoffry”, though in reality his mind and soul are both remarkably intact, given his life. He still retains his personality and capacity for both emotion and rational thought, and is, in fact, essentially sane so long as he is not exposed to stress or reminders of past anguish. He longs to travel with his former Nisomane and leave the cities behind, but will not abandon the shred of Ausimori that remains in her shell of a body so long as she lives. Because of the dedication of Salvador, Emori, and Kiorita, and that of the ‘Mental Ward’ staff, Ausimori is ‘getting better’, though it is estimated she will not recover until sometime next century.

Salvador fought with two swords made from American Impervitech, which he crafted himself. One of these was used to buoy the Mist through the Apocalypse and is now a beat-up, wrecked piece of jagged metal fragments on the real world, spread across two locations at nearly opposite ends of the earth. The other he still has, locked in a chest in his room.

Salvador is bald with a white ellipsoid scar on the top of his forehead and the front of the top of his head from a mutation incurred during the fall of America.


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