Hero of the People


42 Swordfighting
54 Running
30 Jumping
36 Balance
60 Endurance
54 Willpower
24 Meditation
42 Acrobatics
36 Dodge
1 Transmutation
6 Swimming

not finished


Emori was a guard in the city Salvador first encountered until about a year before his arrival, when the new High Priest began his extreme sexism campaign and women were no longer allowed to serve as guards. After being demoted from the position of guard she became Amanda’s left-hand person, delivering the High Priestess’s more forceful messages and ensuring the disappearance of particularly persistent trouble makers with all the loyalty and subtlety Nikorita showed in her less bloody service. She was such a good servant she became the subject of assassination attempts and political attacks herself, eventually ending in her capture, torture, and condemnation to slavehood in the mines. With the assistance of the other prisoners (and the political machinations of Amanda’s office) she continually received more than her share of food for the 3 months she was imprisoned, allowing her to retain her extreme physique. During Amanda’s showdown with the Over-High Priest politically controlled by Jacob Mizirahi, the signal to break free and come to her assistance was given. After killing the guard carrying her key with her chains and then using the key to break free, she drew the other guards in the immediate area withing mobbing range of the other prisoners, then absconded from the ensuing fight, stole a length of spare chain from the store room to use as a weapon and stealthily ran her way to the Main Hall, preceding news of her escape. Upon arrival, Emori waited for a dramatic moment to confront the Over-High Priest, disarming him of his staff of power just as he was about to smite Amanda. In the following fight, Emori incapacitated 6 elite guardsmen and decapitated the Over-High Priest, but was knocked unconscious and nearly killed when the priest regrew his head and launched a lightning bolt into her chest. The display had its intended effect however: when the Over-High Priest jeered at the assembled crowd from which Emori had come “Anyone else wish to complain? Is that the best you’ve got?”, Amanda replied “No.” and cut out his soul with a demon-binding knife, killing him. Because Jacob was at the time an even better politician than Amanda, he managed to have Emori condemned to Hell after the affair, but a great deal of prisoners went missing from the prison that day and Amanda’s sway over the people in general greatly swelled.
She was freed six weeks after her incarceration by Salvador and was the first to address him as Sassorisan. Salvador was impressed by her intense character and similar skill set to his own (without the magic), and when she offered herself as Nisomane to him in reparation and admiration of his actions, he accepted, though he did not know the consequences of this decision. Their respect and attraction for and to eachother only grew over time, and eventually the two of them were married. She has had a great number of children of by him. Though she has officially been released from her position as Nisomane, she still takes it upon herself to serve her husband in much the same capacity: as bodyguard and attendant. She occasionally slips up and calls Salvador Mashogane, still thinking of him in pretty much the same way as before her graduation. She is Tetsumane with Kiorita and Ausimori. She is proficient with all melee weaponry, but her favored style has always involved two scimitars, and is a cross between Ha Shi’shitsu and Salvador’s original style, summing up into a result most similar to Ha Hi’shitsu No’ora.
She and her Tetsumane are the reason Salvador is not yet dead or insane: she keeps him alive with her sword and healthy by providing him with both a person who can provide him with an honest challenge to his abilities and love. Salvador spends a great deal of time competing with her in the current era, especially in sword fighting. She wins about 65% of all of their competitions, and Salvador frequently suspects that she is going easy on him, which irritates him. His suspicion is correct, she loses most of the swordfights she does because she isn’t trying that hard because it would be boring for Salvador to lose all the time.


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